KitchenAid 5KSM1JA Maximum Extraction Slow Juicer & Sauce Attachment
KitchenAid 5KSM1JA Maximum Extraction Slow Juicer & Sauce Attachment

Ergotron 34" Wall Track mounting component - white

GBP 107.98

KitchenAid 5KFP13CR Citrus Juicer Fits 3.1L Food Processor
KitchenAid 5KFP13CR Citrus Juicer Fits 3.1L Food Processor

Ergotron WorkFit mounting component - for 2 LCD displays / notebook - black

GBP 68.38

ISOBAR4ULTRA Isobar Surge Suppressor, 4 Outlets, 6 ft Cord, 3330 Joules

GBP 19.99

6260B012 (332) Toner, Yellow
6260B012 (332) Toner, Yellow

MODEL | SJB815BSS   The 3X Bluicer Pro Some ingredients are great juiced while some are best blended. With the 3X Bluicer™ Pro you no longer have to chose. Make the most of your fresh ingredients and combine both to make nutritious and delicious slushies, smoothies, cocktails and much more. A high-performance blender juicer with stainless steel, innovative and thoughtful design. Juice is very smooth in texture and highly concentrated in nutrition. Blends are typically pulpier and aerated offering more dietary fibre. You can interchange the juicer and the 1.5L blender jug on the same base giving you greater versatility of different meals and beverages you make such as smoothies, soups, sauces, dips, frozen desserts, cocktails and milk-based shakes. The blender features our Kinetix® Blade & Bowl system. Centred crushing blades suck ingredients downwards combining floating elements into liquid. The bowl hugging blades minimise food traps and push dense ingredients up. So whether they float or they don’t, lumps have nowhere to hide. The juicer has an 88mm extra wide chute, shortening prep time by allowing you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without prepping. Cold Spin Technology® extracts fresh juice with an insignificant temperature increase, less than 1°C. There are 10-speed setting as well as five one-touch programs which automatically adjust the blending time and speeds to optimise blending results. Easily create Smoothies, Green Smoothies, Frozen Cocktails, and Crushed Ice. Auto Clean is the fifth function removing most of the ingredients off the blender jug walls with added cleaning detergent. The 3L pulp container minimises cleaning. The 3X Bluicer™ Pro is compatible with the Vac Q™ vacuum pump, reducing oxidisation.   Blend, Juice, or Bluice Space Saving Design 5 Pre-programmed Functions: Green Smoothie, Smoothies, Frozen Cocktail, Pulse/ Ice Crush, Auto Clean Kinetix® Blade & Bowl System Compatible With The Vac Q™ Vacuum Pump Extra Large Feed Chute: 88mm feed chute for whole fruits and vegetable Cold Spin Technology®: Less than 1°C Temp Transfer*   You no longer need to choose With the 3X Bluicer Pro you can blend, juice or combine both. Create healthier and flavoursome smoothies, frappes, slushies, fresh cocktails and many more by combining blended and juiced fresh ingredients into your creations. Maximise the freshness and get 3X the flavours, variety and fun.. Space Saving Design Save space with one base, for interchangeable juicing and blending using the same base. Also, with the pulp bin located behind the product base, the 3X Bluicer Pro features a new and unique space saving design for a better use of your countertop space. 5 One-touch Programs One touch programs feature optimised time and speed combinations to produce tastier results. Enjoy dairy smoothies and smoother green smoothies thanks to the two smoothie programs. Turn ice into snow with pulse/ice crush or easily create delicious fresh cocktails with the frozen cocktail one touch program." "Kinetix® Blade & Bowl System Combines the functionality of a powerful blender with some food processing tasks for versatility and convenience. Crush and chop to turn ice into snow, fold and aerate for creamy smoothies and soups." Compatible With The Vac Q™ Vacuum Pump The 3X Bluicer Pro is compatible with the Vac Q vacuum pump. The Vac Q improves texture and colours for some of your mixes. For certain recipes flavours will be greatly enhanced providing smoother green smoothies, creamier spreads, delicate dips and silkier gazpacho soup. For milk based shakes, it's the air that's whipped through and trapped into the shake that gives that light and bubbly texture. The Vac Q is sold separately. "Extra large 88mm feed chute Featuring an even bigger 88mm feed chute, the 3X Bluicer Pro allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting. Cold Spin Technology® Cold Spin Technology* allows juice to flow up and through the stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by an Italian-made mesh filter to ensure an insignificant temperature increase, less than 1°C."  

GBP 249

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