Axis 01186-001 video decoder 1920 x 1080 pixels
Axis 01186-001 video decoder 1920 x 1080 pixels

<b>WorkFit-C Dual Sit-Stand Workstation</b><br /><br />Stay energized and productive while you computemove from a sitting to a standing position whenever you want. This workstations large worksurface and height-adjustable keyboard tray and display make computing comfortable for prolonged periods.<br /><br />Counterbalanced adjustment points allow instantaneous tool-free re-positioning while you work! Additional features include 25" (63 cm) total height adjustment a small footprint and advanced cable management. An integrated brake secures table in place and with just a touch and releases for height adjustment.<br /><br /><b>Benefits</b><br /><br /><b>For Computer Users</b><br /><br />- On-demand sit-stand workstationimprove your energy and productivity by standing or sitting as you work and then switch positions whenever you choose. This work style encourages healthy movement throughout the day<br />- Promote fitness and comfort as you compute reducing potential back and neck pain by adding movement into your work routine in a truly ergonomic workstation<br />- Easily and simultaneously lift keyboard and LCD screen to proper height for unsurpassed ergonomic comfort<br />- Patented Constant Force lift technology provides fluid one-touch adjustments of the keyboard and monitor positions for personalized computing<br />- Mobile configuration brings flexibility into the workspace. Easily moves through small doorways and over thresholds for collaborative meetings<br />- Burn more calories by choosing to stand for periods of your work-day; periodic standing also promotes greater bone density and better sleep at night<br />- Telescoping lift engine provides height adjustability without blocking the line of sight<br /><br /><b>For IT and Facilities Staff</b><br /><br />- IT deployment friendlyset aside several fully equipped WorkFit-Cs for temporary workers unassigned workstations (aka hoteling or hot desking) or telecommuter work pods; roll to the place of need (easily stored and ready to roll)<br />- Modify existing office spaces or cubes by simply removing a section of worksurface and rolling in the sit-to-stand WorkFit without the cost of expensive professional installers<br />- Safe and neat routing of cables through the expansive cable management storage area<br />- Flexible open-architecture design is scalable for future computer equipment<br />- Takes less time to retrofit existing stations or repurpose for changing workforce reduces facility spend<br />- Quick and easy assembly<br />- Durable easy-to-clean exterior composed of phenolic high-grade plastic and powder coated painted steel<br />- Cable Management Box provides storage area for one standard six-outlet power strip two power bricks and the associated cables<br /><br /><b>For HR/Risk Management and Company Cost Savings</b><br />- Manage the cost of healthcare premiums by promoting wellness in the daily work routine<br />- Provide standing work platforms for employees without having to buy expensive height-adjustable chairs<br />- Comfortable computing offers provable ROI on investmenthealthcare costs associated with unhealthy computing and missed time are reduced while productivity increases<br />- WorkFit helps alleviate back and neck pain the most costly conditions affecting employees according to the 2007 OE Medicine Journal<br />- Studies in office ergonomics show productivity increases 12%18% following an ergonomic intervention where employees are provided with well-designed ergonomic furniture**

GBP 930.81

Axis 01165-001 security camera accessory Mount
Axis 01165-001 security camera accessory Mount

<b>Complete highly discreet HDTV 1080p camera</b><br /><br />- HDTV 1080p resolution<br />- WDR Forensic Capture <br />- 111 horizontal field of view<br />- Axis Zipstream technology <br />- Power over Ethernet<br /><br /><b>Highly discreet installation</b><br />AXIS P1245 Network Camera includes a thumb-sized sensor unit a compact main unit a mounting bracket and locking nuts for easy installation. Together these discreet components help the camera meld into any environment. For example its suitable for mounting in ticket machines in healthcare monitoring equipment in ATM machines and behind walls and ceiling panels.<br /><br /><b>Plug-and-play modular design </b><br />AXIS P1245 comes complete with a sensor unit an 8-m/26-ft cable (a separately sold 15-meter cable is also available) and a main unit with network and power connection as well as a memory card slot. Its easy to buy because we put everything you need right in the box.<br /><br /><b>Dont miss a thing </b><br />AXIS P1245 provides a wide 111 horizontal field of view and HDTV 1080p for excellent video quality. It is equipped with Wide Dynamic Range Forensic Capture which enables the camera to handle scenes with strong variations in light. AXIS P1245 also offers good color video in low light. <br /><br /><b>Keep it discreet flexible and easy</b><br />AXIS P1245 can be installed in tight places behind glass or plastic sheet. The camera comes with a detachable cable that connects the sensor unit to the main unit for flexible installation. This also simplifies maintenance and enables the use of accessory cables.<br /><br /><b>Compact main unit</b><br />The main unit with dimensions of 1.7 x 4.6 x 11 cm (5/8 x 1 13/16 x 4 5/16 in.) makes it easy to install in tight places. It provides HDTV 1080p video and is powered through Power over Ethernet (PoE). It has a built-in microSD card slot for local storage of recordings.

GBP 406.78

Axis M4206-LV IP security camera Indoor Dome Ceiling/Wall 2048 x 1536 pixels
Axis M4206-LV IP security camera Indoor Dome Ceiling/Wall 2048 x 1536 pixels

<b>AXIS M3075-V Network Camera</b><br /><br />Are you looking for an attractively priced ultra-compact mini dome that delivers sharp HDTV 1080p video quality even in poor light? From retail stores to hotel interiors AXIS M3075-V offers flexible installation options as well as a built-in microphone.<br /><br /><b>Great value for money</b><br /><br />AXIS M3075-V features a built-in microphone so you can listen in on transactions for instance at cash-desks and allows you to record dialogues. The HDMI port lets you display live video on a public viewing monitor or setup a virtual window for the backdoor or entrance. This discreet fixed mini dome features day/night functionality and with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) you get clarity when theres both dark and light areas in the scene. It also supports intelligent analytics and edge storage so you can record directly to an onboard memory card. To keep implementation costs low AXIS M3075-V is designed for fast and easy installation. It comes factory focused so theres no manual focusing required. The sleek design benefits from no visible screws and the casing simply snaps on. Plus the cameras connectors are easily accessible so you can quickly connect to the HDMI port or insert an SD card. Furthermore Axis Zipstream technology with support for both H.264 and H.265 video compression significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality.<br /><br /><b>Fits in anywhere</b><br /><br />Designed for reliable and effortless installation this ultra-compact camera can be easily mounted on walls or ceilings. Kits are also available for recessed and pendant mounting as well as installation on conduits. The impact-resistant IP42-rated casing can be repainted to blend in discreetly and seamlessly with any interior color scheme. Plus theres an optional black casing available. Furthermore this product is made with 52% recycled plastics and its free of hazardous brominated and chlorinated flame retardants (BFR/CFR free). This not only helps to increase the cameras health and performance it also lowers environmental impacts.

GBP 330.12

Axis Q6215-LE 50 Hz IP security camera Indoor & outdoor Ceiling/Pole 1920 x 1080 pixels
Axis Q6215-LE 50 Hz IP security camera Indoor & outdoor Ceiling/Pole 1920 x 1080 pixels

<b>AXIS P1264 Network Camera </b><br /><b>Cost-effective extremely discreet pinhole camera</b><br /><br />- Pinhole lens for extremely discreet surveillance<br />- HDTV 720p and 57 horizontal field of view<br />- Axis Zipstream technology<br />- Built-in microSD card slot<br />- Power over Ethernet<br /><br /><b>Extremely discreet installation</b><br />AXIS P1264 Network Camera is a cost-effective and extremely discreet pinhole camera with HDTV 720p performance. Comprising a sensor unit and a main unit the indoor camera is ideal for use in stores ATMs and ticket vending and health monitoring machines.<br /><br /><b>Modular concept</b><br />AXIS P1264 is composed of the following: an AXIS F1004 Pinhole Sensor Unit comprising a lens and image sensor and AXIS P12 Mk II Main Unit which is the body of the camera. The camera comes with a detachable 8-m (26 ft) cable for connecting the sensor unit to the main unit. The cable enables the main unit to be placed away from the viewing point where there is space.<br /><br /><b>Pinhole sensor unit </b><br />The sensor unit can be mounted in tight places and behind a metal plastic or glass panel that is up to 5.2 mm (3/16 in.) thick when used with the included mounting bracket. The sensor unit provides a 57 horizontal field of view and color video in light as low as 0.5 lux. <br /><br /><b>Compact main unit</b><br />The main unit with dimensions of 1.7 x 4.6 x 11 cm (5/8 x 1 13/16 x 4 5/16 in.) makes it easy to install in tight places. It provides HDTV 720p video and is powered through Power over Ethernet (PoE). It has a built-in microSD card slot for local storage of recordings.<br /><br /><b>Savings with Axis Zipstream technology</b><br />AXIS P1264 supports Axis Zipstream technology which is a more efficient implementation of the H.264 video encoder. It can lower bandwidth and storage use by an average of 50% or more for many surveillance scenarios. The encoding technology ensures that important details are maintained while unnecessary data is heavily compressed.<br /><br /><b>Video analytics</b><br />AXIS P1264 supports AXIS Video Motion Detection 3 Active Tampering Alarm and AXIS Camera Application Platform for installation of additional video analytics.

GBP 317.24

SMART Technologies SMART Podium 624 LCD/TFT 210 cd/m Black Touchscreen
SMART Technologies SMART Podium 624 LCD/TFT 210 cd/m Black Touchscreen

<h4>75 V754Q Display</h4><p>With industry leading experience in superior design and customer focus the 75 NEC V754Q allows for clear detailed imagery for unobtrusive digital signage. New contemporary and slim mechanical design with focused aesthetics allows for the smooth and stylistic integration into any type of environment while the full metal chassis coupled with real-time temperature sensors and integrated cooling fans maintain the professional quality necessary for commercial environments. With a wide range of the latest connectivity interfaces including HDMI 2.0 x3 and DisplayPort 1.2 x2/daisy chain option these displays offer the future-proofing necessary for the investment. These displays also include expandability options such as the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) and Raspberry Pi Compute Module slots for source integration directly into the display. The V754Q series boasts a 500 cd/m brightness along with a new anti-glare surface that allows for efficient readability when ambient light is present and is ideal for 24/7 signage in Retail Transportation Financial and Healthcare environments.<br /><br />&bull; Stylish and sleek design allows for easy and unobtrusive integration into any environment<br /><br />&bull; 500 cd/m brightness combined with UHD resolution and new anti-reflective screen surface will capture the attention of the audience while allowing for clear visibility in higher ambient light conditions<br /><br />&bull; Future proof modular expansion options including the ability to integrate Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) or a Raspberry Pi Compute Modules seamlessly into the display<br /><br />&bull; SpectraView Engine allows for complete color intensity gamma or uniformity control for the ultimate imaging performance<br /><br />&bull; Integrated Media Player allows for audio video or image playback via USB or SD card<br /><br />&bull; Industrial-strength premium-grade panel with additional thermal protection internal temperature sensors with self-diagnostics and fan-based technology allows for hassle-free 24/7 operation<br /><br />&bull; Full 3 year commercial warranty to allow for peace of mind and protection of this investment</p><table class=features><thead><tr><th colspan=2>Features</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td class=feature>Screen Size</td><td>75 Inch</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Colour</td><td>Black </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Brightness</td><td>500 cd/m2</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Contrast ratio (typical)</td><td>1200:1 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Resolution</td><td>3840 x 2160 Pixels</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>4K UHD</td><td>Yes </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Built-in speakers</td><td>Yes </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Speakers</td><td>2 x 10W </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Aspect ratio</td><td>16:9 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Operating temperature range (T-T)</td><td>0 - 40 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>HDMI</td><td>3 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>DisplayPort</td><td>2 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Compatible with VESA-wall mounting system</td><td>600 x 400 mm</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Dimensions W/O Stand (W x H x D)</td><td>1681.2 x 959.6 x 71.1 mm</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Weight W/O Stand</td><td>52.6 Kg</td></tr></tbody></table>

GBP 3929.91


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