Elite Screens M106UWH projection screen 2.69 m (106") 16:9
Elite Screens M106UWH projection screen 2.69 m (106") 16:9

<b>The Wall. Make a bold statement</b><br>The Wall makes a bold breathtaking statement like no other. There is nothing else quite like it. Samsungs rich R&D heritage and LED expertise culminates in The Wall delivering the ultimate viewing experience. Make every experience immersive and deliver a perfect view of your business.<br><br><b>An abyss of depth<br>Black Seal Technology</b><br>A deep black background blankets the screen with perfect uniformity creating a seamless canvas for purer black levels with enhanced depth that delivers unparalleled contrast and immaculate detail.<br><br><b>Superior color purity<br>Ultra Chroma Technology</b><br>Colors leap to life with spectacular vibrancy to recreate scenes as if you were there in real life. Narrower wavelengths produce RGB colors two times purer and more accurate than conventional LEDs.<br><br><b>Colors mapped to perfection<br>20bit Processing</b><br>The Walls 20bit processing presents exact color mapping with faultless accuracy. Deeper bit depth at low greyscale also delivers extraordinary contrast ratio and smooth natural tonal gradients.<br><br><b>Continuous natural shading<br>Linear Grayscale</b><br>A precise linear grayscale showcases intricacies in every scene naturally delivering textures volume and shades. The elevated continuity pulls you further into your content for unbroken immersion.<br><br><b>Instant AI optimization<br>MICRO AI Processor</b><br>Every second of content is instantly analyzed and optimized for perfect picture quality. The powerful AI processor delivers superior visuals in any size up to 8K resolution enhancing contrast and removing noise.<br><br><b>Dazzling dynamic range<br>MICRO HDR</b><br>Reimagine the limits of conventional screens with advanced picture refinementHDR10/10+ and LED HDRto illuminate ideal peak brightness and contrast in every scene for precise true-to-life imagery.<br><br><b>Smooth seamless motion<br>MICRO Motion</b><br>The Wall automatically converts standard 60Hz signals to 120Hz removing motion judder in fast-paced action for smoother streams and a seamless viewing experience every time.<br><br><b>Installation reimagined<br>Factory Seam Adjustment</b><br>Installation is transformed by eliminating module-by-module seam adjustment. Now installers adjust only per cabinet saving time while improving mechanical quality for immersive viewing.<br><br><b>Connection without cables<br>Docking Connection</b><br>The Wall enables simple and easy installation with a cable-less design. Minimal signal or power cable connections are required between cabinets even in the event of any module repair service.<br><br><b>No Compromise creations<br>Endless Design</b><br>Design buildouts to your exact specifications thanks to The Walls endless installation possibilities. Hang from walls and ceilings curve around pillars or angle from edges. The choice is yours.<br><br><b>Certified safety maximum protection<br>Proven Safety</b><br>Keep eyes comfortable and safe with TUV Rheinland Eye Comfort Certification minimizing harmful blue light while EMC Class B certification minimizes electromagnetic waves for advanced protection.<br><br><b>Expertly engineered for any studio setting<br>On-Air Functionality</b><br>The Wall is built for any studio environment ensuring screen synchronization while adjustable refresh rate sets display frequency based on camera frequency removing flicker lines.<br><br><b>Powerful 8K playback with just one box<br>Simple 8K Playback</b><br>The Wall enables 8K content playback with just one S-Box as well as 16K content playback horizontally with the new and improved S-Box performance delivering more pixels with enhanced precision.<br><br><b>Simultaneous source experience<br>Multi View</b><br>With Multi View The Wall enables simultaneous multi-source playback from up to four sources all on one screen without any additional splitter required for dynamic content display.

GBP 5192.16

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