About us

About Us

Welcome to Ibriiz, the ultimate destination for finding the best deals and discounts on your favorite products and services. Whether you are looking for groceries, electronics, fashion, travel, or anything else, we have got you covered with our curated collection of coupons from hundreds of trusted brands and stores around the world.

Our Story

Ibriiz was founded in 2023 by three friends who shared a passion for saving money and shopping smart. Adam, Sarah, and Khaled met at a hackathon in Rabat, Morocco, where they decided to team up and create a website that would help consumers find the best bargains online. They realized that there was a gap in the market for a platform that would aggregate and verify coupons from various sources and make them easily accessible and searchable for users.

They spent several months developing and testing their website, which they launched in October 2023. The response was overwhelming, as thousands of users visited the site and claimed their coupons. The founders were thrilled to see that their idea was not only useful, but also popular and profitable. They decided to quit their jobs and focus on growing their website and expanding their reach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help consumers save money and time while shopping online. We believe that everyone deserves to get the best value for their money and enjoy the benefits of the digital economy. We also aim to support businesses and stores by connecting them to potential customers and increasing their sales and visibility.

We do this by providing a user-friendly and reliable platform that offers a wide range of coupons and discounts for various products and services. We also ensure that our coupons are valid, up-to-date, and exclusive. We work closely with our partners and affiliates to negotiate the best deals and offers for our users.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading global platform for coupons and discounts. We want to make Ibriiz the first choice for anyone who wants to shop online and save money. We also want to make Ibriiz more than just a website, but a community of savvy shoppers who share their tips, reviews, and experiences.

To achieve this, we have several plans and goals for the future. Some of them are:

Launching a mobile application that will allow users to access and redeem coupons on the go.
Supporting electronic purchases that will enable users to buy products and services directly from our website using their coupons.
Adding more features and functionalities that will enhance the user experience and satisfaction.
Expanding our network and partnerships to include more brands and stores from different countries and regions.
Increasing our social media presence and engagement to reach and interact with more users and followers.

Our Values

Our values are the core principles that guide our actions and decisions. They are:

  • Credibility: We are honest, transparent, and trustworthy. We only provide verified and authentic coupons and information. We respect the privacy and security of our users and partners.
  • Quality: We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services. We constantly monitor and improve our website and app performance, design, and content. We strive to exceed the expectations of our users and partners.
  • Innovation: We are creative, adaptive, and forward-thinking. We embrace new technologies and trends. We seek to offer new and unique solutions and opportunities for our users and partners.
  • Customer-centricity: We are focused on satisfying the needs and wants of our users and partners. We listen to their feedback and suggestions. We value their loyalty and support.
  • Sustainability: We are responsible, ethical, and eco-friendly. We promote and practice green and social initiatives. We aim to create a positive impact on the environment and society.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via email, phone, or social media. You can also visit our FAQ page for more information and answers to common queries.

Thank you for choosing Ibriiz. Happy saving!


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